Enroll as an individual or purchase a subscription for clients at your treatment center.


Individual Access

You'll have access to The Rewired Program for 120 days.



Treatment/Recovery Center Access

Each client will receive access to The Rewired Program for 120 days.


Frequently Asked Questions 

1) How is The Rewired Program structured?
The Rewired Program is a fully online, self-paced program that includes ten modules. Each module includes:

  1. Topic Overview: This gives you a comprehensive look at the topic and how it affects your recovery, health, and wellness.

  2. Topic Exercise: This helps you connect the topic to your everyday life.

  3. Journal Prompt: This encourages reflection and reframing, which are key steps to rewiring your brain.

  4. Discussion Question: This is an opportunity to connect with other people who are exploring ways to build healthy, lasting habits.

  5. Affirmation: This reinforces the material and provides you with positive self-talk.

2) What topics are covered in The Rewired Program?
The Rewired Program modules cover:

  1. Rewiring the Brain for Recovery

  2. Mental and Emotional Self Care

  3. Physical and Spiritual Self Care

  4. Authenticity & Honesty

  5. Communication

  6. Our Thoughts

  7. Time Management

  8. Stress Management

  9. Boundaries

  10. Self Love + Wrap Up

 3) How long will it take me to complete The Rewired Program?
Upon enrollment, you will receive access to all ten modules, so you are free to go at your own pace. Some people complete one part of each module per day; others may get through an entire module or more in a day. We do recommend that you consider limiting your pace to no more than 2 modules per day, to allow yourself the mental, emotional, and psychological space you need to process everything you have learned about the topic and about yourself.

4) Is The Rewired Program appropriate for groups?

The Rewired Program is designed for individuals, but the discussion questions are a great way to bring together a group of individuals going through The Rewired Program.

4) How does The Rewired Program work with treatment centers, recovery groups, and sober living facilities? 

For a recurring subscription charge of $275 per month, you can provide your residents or clients with their own access to The Rewired Program. Upon purchase of your first month, you will receive an email with a code that will enable individuals to sign up for free. Each person who uses that code to enroll in The Rewired Program will retain access for 30 days, regardless of how long they stay in your center or group. 

Erica can also create custom plans that are more tailored to your clients. Contact Erica Spiegelman today for a free consultation to discuss your needs.